Soup Slurpin Surplus Sunday December 23rd

farmshare closeup
farmshare closeup

Soup Slurpin Surplus Sunday December 23rd

from 11.00

On occasion, we have extra mushrooms. We've also been known to cook up a big pot of soup with all the week's trimmings.   We would be superbly stoked if you stopped over to share a bowl of soup with us and if you left with a box of mushrooms.  

Everything priced @ wholesale rates.  The soup is on us.

**Pre-ordering two lbs or more each makes us happy and ensures that this becomes a regular thing**: But even a lb helps us out.

Here's the thing, this only works if there's enough of you to buy up our mushrooms and slurp up our soup.   So please help us hit our number by pre-ordering your mushrooms here and bringing some friends!  

SSSS will go from 1-3 on Sundays announced a few days in advance.  Come any time in that window, but if you want to join the tour, arrive by 1:15.

We're at 428 E. Erie Ave.  Parking on D St. dead end. Entrance at the end of D St. dead end- warehouse door next to back loading bay (on your right). We're within around 10 minutes of I-95, Temple, Roosevelt Blvd, and Fishtown.  Call/Text Tyler 267-404-6620 and we'll come let you in.

Thanks for supporting your city's farmers

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