Bulk Mushroom Blocks

Bulk Mushroom Blocks


Shiitake, King Trumpet, Nameko, Pom Pom, Reishi, and more.

For the Mushroom Farmers out there, we’re here to make your blocks for you! All of our blocks meet our own high standards for fruiting on our farm: typically they average 6lb or greater, they are totally contaminant free, use the appropriate substrate, hydration, filter type for species, receive attention during incubation/ripening and they are available at or before peak fruiting.

If you are interested in sourcing blocks for your farm, please email info@mycopolitan.com

2 months notice (3 months for shiitake) will assure availability, though late orders are sometimes possible. Depending on the species, size, and regularity of your order, prices range from $5 to $6 per 6lb block.

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