Soup Slurpin Surplus Sunday Nov 19th 1-3 pm

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Soup Slurpin Surplus Sunday Nov 19th 1-3 pm

from 12.00

On occasion, we have extra mushrooms. We've also been known to cook up a big pot of soup with all the week's trimmings.   We would be superbly stoked if you stopped over to share a bowl of soup with us and if you left with a box of mushrooms.  This will likely happen 1-2 times a month if there's enough interest.  

Everything priced @ wholesale.  The soup is on us.

**Pre-ordering two lbs or more makes us happy and ensures that this becomes a regular thing**: 

Here's the thing, this only works if there's enough of you to buy up our mushrooms and slurp up our soup.   So please help us hit our number by pre-ordering your mushrooms here and bringing some friends!  

SSSS will go from 12-1pm on Sundays announced a few days in advance.  Come any time in that window.

We're at 428 E. Erie Ave.  Parking on D St. dead end. Entrance at the end of D St. dead end- warehouse door next to back loading bay (on your right). We're within around 10 minutes of I-95, Temple, Roosevelt Blvd, and Fishtown.  Call/Text Tyler 267-404-6620 and we'll come let you in.

Thanks for supporting your city's farmers

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